About Us

Mission Statement

Referral Realty is committed to the relentless pursuit of excellence through innovation and customer satisfaction.

Providing quality service to the Residential Real Estate Customer, maintaining superior sales associates and managers, proving our image is second to none.

Our motto is:
Expect Excellence

Five Decades of Leadership

A History of Growth:

Referral Realty was established in 1959. For over 53 years, Referral Realty has built a tradition of success based on leadership and hard work. Located throughout the valley, our nine offices are prepared to assist you. Whether you buy, sell or invest, Referral Realty agents understand the market...and care about you.

  • New Homes or Resales
  • Commercial or Residential
  • Property Management
  • Investments
  • Limited Partnerships
  • Nationwide Relocation

A Full-Service Agency

Referral Realty is knowledgeable in all phases of the real estate transaction, including those legal and ethical aspects so vital to a successful closure. Welcome to the company that has earned its reputation through hard work...and caring.

Welcome to Referral Realty.

Referral Realty Agent Training

Stated in the simplest terms, the purpose of a company's training program should be to teach their sales staff how to obtain and market real estate effectively, ethically, and profitably as well as how to perform other supportive services. Listing and selling real estate is what Brokers and salespeople are paid to do and they cannot do it any better than they know how.

Because of the one-on-one nature of real estate selling, a salesperson's performance is often the only way the seller or buyer has to judge an entire firm. The more competent individual, the better the image of the entire organization; in many cases they are the organization. Not only is their reputation on the line, but those of their fellow salespeople and the firm itself.

Salespeople who are sure of themselves and unafraid of what they'll encounter in the field are happier, more poised and more productive.

Referral Realty is committed to providing the highest quality of training in the markets we serve. Please call one of our managers for more information regarding our training program or for a confidential interview.